Join our inaugural Entrepreneurship Program this July 2017. Over 5 weekends and 10 days, you will have the chance to learn face to face from 10 of the best experts and successful entrepreneurs in the UAE and take your business to a new level. Our dates are: Friday 30th June | Saturday 1st July, Friday 7th | Saturday 8th, Friday 14th | Saturday 15th, Friday 21st | Saturday 22nd, and Friday 28th | Saturday 29th.

10 courses designed specifically for challenges with a focus on Business Entrepreneurship and Mindful Self-Development

Building as you learn: A mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge

First KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority) Certified Business Entrepreneurship Program

Courses taught by expert successful regional entrepreneurs

Network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors


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2.Tell us about your challenges & Why you want to join the program

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About Us

Why Mind Cloud?
A Mind-Cloud is distinguished, among a group of people, through its own: ideas, experiences, linguistics, behavioral patterns and final outcome. It answers questions like What name should we be known as?, How we are different from the rest?, Why we do what we do?, What do we want to achieve?. A Mind-Cloud must complete and be realized, through manifestation of (WORK). This (WORK) is later cited as worthy by its Final Outcome. A worthy Mind-Cloud generates a new Mindset. Hence, Just Believe and WORK.

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