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Terms and Conditions

Program Withdrawal & Refunds


Students may register for the program until the end of the registration period, after which permission of the Program Manager is required.

Registration is complete once the Registration Form is completed and the 350 Dhs Down-Payment is payed. (Down-payments are not refindable)



Program withdrawal is handled through the Program Manager. Students are responsible for any costs associated with withdrawing from the program after the registration period. Cases are handled on a case by case scenario. The Program Manager reserves the discretion to withhold or deny any requests for partial or full refunds.

In case of sickness and personal emergencies, students are allowed to attend the following cohort with no additional charge.




Students are responsible for all the tuition and fees associated with registering for the program.



Students should consult the Program Manager for questions and information regarding any   refunds/disputes/or installment payments.


Grievances & Complaints



Students have an open communication channel with their Program Manager for any grievance or complaint.



Students are asked to send their grievance or complaint by email to their Program Manager. If they deem their Grievance or Complaint not fully resolved, students have access to the other people in the organization.

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