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The Ultimate Business and Entrepreneurship Program

Key Business Skillsets • Test and Launch New Ideas • Grow Your Business

Mind Cloud Academy is an intensive, 10-week business and entrepreneurship program, KHDA-Certified, designed for high-performing entrepreneurs and business owners who want to level up their skills and strategies to succeed in today's market.

Learn By Doing

Part masterclass and part workshop, Mind Cloud Academy uses the latest concepts in business innovation, growth strategy, digital marketing, finance, and more to help students build and launch successful businesses and transform existing ones.

Expert Instruction

The program is designed by and delivered by a hand-selected lineup of corporate veterans and industry experts who are currently practicing the very strategies, tools, and processes you will be learning and applying during the program. The program is also KHDA-Certified.

The Secret to Success

Whether you are launching a new business or scaling up an existing one, it takes more than theory and practice. The secret lies in building the right mindset and the right network. Over the course of the program we will elevate your thinking, connect you to fellow industry experts and VCs, and create the right environment for you and your business to produce results.

Program Details

Mind Cloud Academy delivers a hands-on learning experience through facilitations, teamwork, coaching, and curated expertise, and building and pitching a venture to take high performing individuals to the next level. The Program follows the following journey:

1. Class Immersion: There are 10 modules covering all aspects new and existing businesses have to work on to succeed

2. Coaching & Mentorship: In parallel with the classes, there are 10 coaching & mentorship sessions to ensure working on deliverables, getting challenged on assumptions and getting guidance

3. Pitching Methodologies & Mock-ups: At the end of the Program, students will learn how to pitch, practice it and attend real-life simulation of pitching to experts and getting feedback

4. Demo Day: At the end of the Program, Mind Cloud organizes its flagship Demo Day, supported by our partners from the Venture Capital ecosystem, Angels Investors, Family Offices and more

Upon completing the program, graduates receive a KHDA certificate for the Mind Cloud Business and Entrepreneurship Program. Additionally, graduates will have a chance to present their startups and businesses to a panel of the regions leading VCs at the Mind Cloud Demo Day.

Day 1 – Business Model

Learn the Business Model Canvas methodology and dive into each one of the building blocks: Value Proposition, Success Metrics, Customers Segments, Sales Channels, Unfair Advantage, Key Competitors, Key Partnerships, Revenue Streams, Cost Structure. Through practical exercises you will develop a complete Business Model Canvas and develop risk and mitigation strategies. You will also learn how to construct a Minimum Viable Product and make some tough decisions regarding what features to keep and what to discard.

This course is presented by Genny Ghanimeh of Mind Cloud Academy.

Day 2 – Design Thinking

Design thinking is a powerful process of problem solving that begins with understanding unmet customer needs. Learn the fundamentals of design thinking: Empathy, Strategic Thinking, Knowledge Funnel, Value Creation. Go through the process of design led innovation and the models, processes, tools, and mindsets you need to succeed. You will also learn about the Design Thinking Pyramid, which enables you to create and improve experiences in a totally new way, and deploying empathy in a Design Thinking context.

This course is presented by Hanane Benkhallouq.

Day 3 – Finance and Fundraising

Master the art and science of fundraising with proven funding strategies and by developing a razor-sharp investment deck. You’ll start the day by learning the fundamentals of modern financial analysis essential to any manager, entrepreneur, investor, or other business professional. Read financial documents such as Cashflow / Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet with ease and learn how to create budgets and working capitals for your business or venture. You’ll also learn about different methods of business valuation.

This course is presented by Reto Gareus.

Day 4 – Sales and Operations

In today’s hyper competitive environment product and service excellence is a given. You can’t just rely on word of mouth and hope that people will buy your product or service. In this course you will learn about different distribution channels and how to select the ideal ones for your venture based on your customer segments. From there you will develop a strong go-to-market strategy that will leverage those channels and  set you apart from your competition

This course is presented by Marwan Salem.

Day 5 – Customer Acquisition

To build or grow a business you need to find, acquire, and keep customers. In this course you will use a proven framework to design the customer value journey, and master online and offline strategies for acquiring and retaining customers across a wide range of industries.

Through a series of facilitations you will apply these strategies to your business.  You will also learn how to measure customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value, and how to build a longterm relationship with each customer. You will also understand the importance of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and how you can use them to increase conversions and grow your business. This is followed by a rundown of modern customer feedback processes and methodologies, and designing customer surveys that provide valuable insights.

The day will end with a crash course in digital advertising and what works in the current market.

This course is presented by Ayman Itani.

Day 6 – Marketing and PR

Develop a focused, flexible, and results driven marketing strategy. Learn the fundamentals of the Marketing Strategic Plan: Mission, Situation Analysis, Marketing Mix, SWOT Analysis, Implementation & Evaluation. You will go through a facilitation to create your own plan. You will also learn about PR and how to do PR the right way in 2018. From the branding, to the channels, to the pitches.

This course is presented by Michela Simone.

Day 7 – Legal and Governance

Entrepreneurs learn quickly that there are many legal issues they must face in setting up and running a new venture. The same goes for established business owners and corporate executives looking to get into joint ventures or start a new division. This course covers the parts of legal and governance affairs that are relevant to starting businesses, building partnerships, and raising funds: Term Sheets, Contracts, Partnership Agreements; Company and Board Setups, Licenses & Jurisdictions. You will also learn about good governance principles.

This course is presented by Lulwa Mutawi.

Day 8 – Pivot Your Model

Drawing on the insights and development work accomplished over the previous courses, you will put your Business Model to the test. By learning about Risk Mitigation Strategy Mapping and KPI Mapping you can mitigate risks and increase the robustness of your plan and your business. Learn about setting effective milestones, determining performance metrics, navigating change, decision making & mental toughness. You will learn about famous pivots and go through a facilitation to determine whether you need to pivot.

This course is presented by Genny Ghanimeh of Mind Cloud Academy.

Day 9 – Scaling Up

Scaling a company isn’t easy, as the many changes needed can derail even previously successful businesses. Learn about the scale up operationally and financially. There are different ways to accelerate growth, and you will discover which one suits your business. You will learn about positioning, goal setting & execution in a scaling up context and learn how to identify key stakeholders for growth. You will also make a plan for your growth strategy and how to take your venture from 1x to 10x and beyond revenue.

This course is presented by Dr. Kamel Abdallah.

Day 10 – Leadership

Successful businesses need strong leaders. In this course you will learn about different types of leadership, identifying personal values and understand the role they play in driving you and the why of your business. You will also learn what tools and soft skills an effective leader must have in order to be effective and lead with intention. You will develop mental toughness and resilience, find out ways to navigate the uncertainty, and gain negotiation and presentation skills.

This course is presented by Genny Ghanimeh of Mind Cloud Academy.

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