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Policies & Procedures



Mind Cloud Academy offers an entrepreneurship program to students who wish to complement their entrepreneurial skills. The purpose of this document is to describe the policies and procedures that relate to the program’s students. This document reflects the work of the Policy Subcommittee of the Learning Committee.


This document outlines the policies and procedures that govern our entrepreneurial program and courses.





MIND CLOUD’s vision is to enable entrepreneurs with business and leadership skills, and set in motion a new mindset to grow the entrepreneurship landscape. This new mindset can offer an opportunity to access vast untapped potential in the Arab World while contributing to tackling some of the most pressing needs in the region.



MIND CLOUD’s mission is to bring business acumen to entrepreneurs who want to start their business, pivot or grow their business while working on their own mental toughness and self-growth.


MIND CLOUD’s goals:

  1. enable entrepreneurs to have business acumen to help them grow their businesses and overcome challenges while empowering them on a personal level
  2. enable experts & coaches with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience through teaching, mentoring and advising
  3. enable the Private Sector with the opportunity to support Leadership Business Programs through their Social Responsibility Mission






Courses – Courses are taught on campus. Students will be required to attend classes on campus and achieve a minimum attendance record of 80% for the duration of the program up until the completion of their final course.


Program – Program is defined as certificate that can be achieved with the totality of the courses completed and with the submission of the final project.














A. Admissions


Students must complete the admissions forms.



  1. Applicants review the requirements for admission on the Academy’s Website
  2. Applicant follows the procedure published on the Academy’s Website.
  3. Applicant contacts the Program Manager with any additional questions either via email or by phone.


B. Registration


Courses are open to all students in good academic standing. Registration periods are published in the Academic Calendar on the website.



  1. Students complete the registration process using the Admission Form on the website.
  2. Students may register late with the permission of the Program Manager and must complete the Financial Clearance Form available online. This online form may be submitted electronically.
  3. Students registering after the deadline of registration period must contact the Program Manager for more information.


C. Program Withdrawal


Students withdrawals are handled by the Program Manager and treated on a case by case scenario.



Program withdrawal is handled through the Program Manager. Students are responsible for any costs associated with withdrawing from the program after the registration period. Cases are handled on a case by case scenario. The Program Manager reserves the discretion to withhold or deny any requests for partial or full refunds


D. Finances


Students are responsible for all the tuition and fees associated with registering for the program.



  1. Students should consult Program Manager for questions regarding tuition, fees, and mode of payment.
  2. Students should consult the Program Manager for questions and information regarding any tuition refunds/disputes/or installment payments.


E. Attendance/Participation


Students are expected to follow the academic schedule as published by the Academy and any deadlines published by the instructor. Attendance is expected to be at least 80 percent of the time, otherwise the student doesn’t graduate.



  1. Students must have a reliable laptop during the course
  2. Students must read their online course material one week prior to the start of the course.
  3. Students must review the course syllabus, schedule, and requirements so they understand what will be required of them.
  4. Students are expected to work on the course and complete the course requirements as set by the instructors, outside the course hours.
  5. Students communicate with the Program Manager when unable to meet deadlines or when having difficulties understanding the concepts or developing the required skills.
  6. Students use email correspondence as the official means of communicating with their instructor, when needed, and keep the Program Manager in copy.
  7. Students follow the Academic schedule and are available to complete their courses during that time.
  8. Students need to inform the Program Manager about their absence by email with a justification. The Program Manager reserves the discretion of granting them attendance of the missed course in the next cohort.


            F. Assessment & Grades


Official final course assessment and grades are sent by email.



  1. Student receive their course assessment and grades after pitch day.


G.  Students in Media Material


Mind Cloud Academy holds the Intellectual Property on the media material recorded during any course or other event by the Mind Cloud Academy team



  1. Students agree to be part of the Media Material used by Mind Cloud Academy.
  2. The student who doesn’t wish to be part of it must inform the Mind Cloud Academy by email upon registration.
  3. Students commit to record a testimonial, written and spoken.
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