About us

Who we are ?

Mind Cloud is a unique Business Entrepreneurship Academy founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 2016 in the UAE. The founders have a wealth of experience gained in the region – mainly focusing on tech startups, business advisory & mentorship. Leveraging the knowledge from various industries, Mind Cloud was built on good practice principles which allow for diverse and tailor-made education programs to fit personal and business challenges of each particular applicant

Why Mind Cloud?

A Mind-Cloud is distinguished, among a group of people, through its own: ideas, experiences, linguistics, behavioral patterns and final outcome. It answers questions like What name should we be known as?, How we are different from the rest?, Why we do what we do?, What do we want to achieve?. A Mind-Cloud must complete and be realized, through manifestation of (WORK). This (WORK) is later cited as worthy by its Final Outcome. A worthy Mind-Cloud generates a new Mindset. Hence, Just Believe and WORK.